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  • Where can I submit Feature Requests Feedback and

    Where can I submit Feature Requests Feedback and Suggestions The most effective place to share your feature request and ideas for improving Discord is at feedback.discord. The Discord team regularly review the ideas and incorporate them into future product planning and discussions. Make sure to vote on your favorite features

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    41 other terms for make recommendation words and phrases with similar meaning

  • 10 Ways to Make Suggestions in Business Meetings

    Nov 10 2017  10 Ways to Make Suggestions. There are a variety of ways of making suggestions in English. First we’ll look at affirmatives then questions. Make Suggestions with Affirmatives 1. Past Modal Verbs Would Could Should I think we should increase the price. I would suggest increasing the price. I would recommend increasing the price.

  • Maximizing Your Recommendations Frank Batten School of

    Make it easy Be polite be professional communicate deadlines and avoid any grammatical or spelling errors in written requests. Let you recommender know they will receive an automated message from our system which will provide the link for them to submit their recommendation. Give complete information and make sure to put your best foot forward

  • Suggestions and Advice in Englishenglish at home

    You can use the following words and expressions in conversations to make suggestions and give advice to people. Suggestions. should You should try to practise English. You shouldn’t translate too much. Why don’t you Why don’t you join an English club ought to

  • 10 Easy Tips To Improve Your Work Performance

    Consider the above tips and make sure you put them into practice in a way that’s best for you and your career. Vartika Kashyap. Vartika Kashyap is the Chief Marketing Officer at ProofHub and has been one of the LinkedIn Top Voices in 2018. Her articles are inspired by office situations and work related events. She likes to write about

  • 3 Ways To Ask For LinkedIn Recommendations

    Feb 16 2016  Not only will it make it more likely that you’ll get a recommendation you’ll also have the opportunity to influence what your reference says. You can even offer to supply a rough draft. 3.

  • Recommendation Letter Examples Templates and Tips

    Sep 17 2020  Kevin Dodge Blend Images Getty Images. A recommendation letter is typically written by an employer professional business connection client teacher coach or by someone else who can recommend an individual s work or academic performance.. Recommendations can also be provided by personal references who can attest to an applicant s character and abilities.

  • What is another word for make recommendations to

    Synonyms for make recommendations to include guide advise counsel train coach direct illuminate inform mentor and tend. Find more similar words at wordhippo

  • 7 Tips For Delivering Better Analytics Recommendations

    Jul 08 2014  1. Make sure they’re good. Too often analysts’ recommendations are essentially just half baked or even downright meaningless ideas. This is commonly due to poor process and expectation setting between the business and analytics team.

  • give or make recommendationsEnglish missing English

    Oct 08 2007  make or give recommendation Sources. make a recommendation wenn es darum geht welche Entscheidung man treffen soll zB The boss wants us to make a recommendation. give a recommendation wenn einer seine Erfahrung teilen soll zB I m looking for a good restaurantCan you give me some recommendations #1.

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    Dec 12 2015  Dec 11 2015. #7. I think there is often a difference between to give and to make a suggestion. I d be likely to say make a suggestion where I was putting forward an idea which I hoped might be helpfulI made the suggestion that we went to the seaside. I might just say give a suggestion where I was indicating that something supplied a vague

  • 15 Tips to Encourage Employees to Make Suggestions

    Mar 18 2015  It s been proven time and time again great things come from employee suggestions. But ask a room full of employees for their advice and you ll likely be greeted by the sound of crickets. In practice launching an employee suggestion program is only half the battle. Internal communication managers have to promote the program internally to get workers to use it.

  • How to write actionable policy recommendationsResearch

    Jul 16 2013  Words such as use engage incorporate etc. 7. Keep your policy recommendations short. Identify 3 recommendations and elaborate on these. Pick the three that are most practical and relevant for your target audience then focus on presenting these in the most actionable way. 8. Make sure your research supports your recommendations.

  • How to Properly Write the Conclusions and Recommendations

    Conclusions and Recommendations Paper Masters discusses how to properly write conclusions and recommendations for research papers. In the Conclusions and Recommendations section typically Chapter V of a thesis you present your interpretation of the results given in Results Section Usually Chapter IV . You also draw conclusions from your analysis of those results and then make

  • Making Suggestions ESL Activities Worksheets Role Plays

    In this making suggestions exercises PDF students learn and practice how to make accept and reject suggestions and use the language to make suggestions about holidays and holiday related activities. Give a copy of the two page worksheet to each student. Students begin by completing suggestions with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

  • Learn How to Make a Suggestion in EnglishThoughtCo

    Aug 21 2019  People make suggestions when they re deciding what to do offering advice or helping a visitor. Learning how to make a suggestion is a good way to improve your English conversational skills. If you already know how to tell time ask for directions and hold a basic conversation you re ready to learn how to make a suggestion Try out this role

  • 10 Recommendations Toward Effective Leadership Graduate

    Here are 10 characteristics that I have found to positively contribute to effective emergent leadership. My suggestions are presented in a David Letterman ish style beginning with the least and advancing to the most important. Number 10 Follow procedures and adhere

  • Suggestions LearnEnglish TeensBritish Council

    Are you ready to make and receive suggestions in English Comments. 254x . 5x . Sevka 85 31 May 201620 07. veryinteresting and very easy. up. 0 users have voted. Log in or register to post comments 2112x . 14x . otarsichinava 16 May 201316 00. it is not too easy. up. 0 users have voted.

  • Expressing Recommendations and Requests with the Subjunc

    WEIRDO. Many of the verbs and phrases that require the subjunctive fit into the acronym WEIRDO Wishes Emotions Impersonal expressions Recommendations Doubt/Denial and Ojalá this article we re going to take a look at recommendations and requests.

  • Make recommendation on or about UsingEnglish

    Jul 08 2012  207. Make recommendation on or about 1 Can you please make a recommendation on/about what to order 2 One of server s duty is to make

  • Five Recommendations For Human Resource Management

    Feb 03 2020  In this manner executing a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach indicates the implications of the strategic talent management in the business processes to support the capability

  • How to Write a Letter of Recommendation With Examples

    Jul 16 2021  Tips for Writing a Recommendation Letter If you’re asked to provide a reference for a specific job you should write the letter with the requirements of that particular job in mind. Read the posting or job description carefully looking for specific skills and knowledge that you can include in the letter for your candidate.

  • How to Write a Recommendation Letter WriteExpress

    Make every word count. Here is a rule of thumb a letter of recommendation for employment should be one page a letter of recommendation for school should be 1 2 pages. Make the ending statement strong without overdoing it. Undue praise can be viewed as biased or insincere. List your contact information if you are willing to field follow up

  • Conclusions and recommendationsResearch Learning Online

    summarise the key findings outcomes or information in your report. acknowledge limitations and make recommendations for future work where applicable highlight the significance or usefulness of your work. The conclusions should relate to the aims of the work Example 1 Aim. The aim of this project is to design a mobile phone tower for a

  • Best practices Recommendations for neighbors

    Give negative reviews courteously. 1. Describe your personal experience with the business or service provider. Add some color to your recommendation by describing the services the provider performed for you and how long you ve been a customer. Example I

  • How to Get Good Recommendations From ProfessorsOwlcation

    Dec 02 2011  Unfortunately many students make recommendations an afterthought and they may not have good recommendations because they got them from the wrong person or at the last minute. Here are some tips to make sure you get the recommendations you deserve Make a Plan. Don’t just think about getting a recommendation at the last minute.

  • Amazon s Recommendation Engine The Secret To Selling More

    The Amazon Recommendations Secret to Selling More Online. Judging by Amazon’s success the recommendation system works. The company reported a 29 sales increase to 12.83 billion during its second fiscal quarter up from 9.9 billion during the same time last year. A lot of that growth arguably has to do with the way Amazon has integrated

  • How To Write A Recommendation Report Examples

    The sales report examples can be used to make a report of sales on a daily monthly and yearly basis as and when needed. 4. Once you have already presented all the options you must develop a section that presents the criteria or metrics that you will use for evaluation. Comparisons need a certain measure for it to be considered valid and

  • 7 recommendations for a balanced global marketing strategy

    Jun 14 2012  Regular video calls are a great way to keep the teams up to date with the latest global plans and changes as well as to learn about the latest competitive developments in market or to discuss new campaign ideas. Time zones will make this a challenge but it can work and it will pay off.

  • How YouTube s Recommendation Algorithm Really WorksThe

    Nov 08 2018  YouTube recommended it more than 650 times among the 696 468 suggestions that Pew tracked substantially more than the second place finisher the video for Maroon 5’s Girls Like You

  • How to Make Review RecommendationsWiley

    Feb 23 2017  The inclusion of unoriginal ideas inappropriate methodology and questionable results can mean that rejection is justified. Accept without revisions The dream scenario But one that is in fact quite rare especially after only one review. For an article to be accepted for publication its methodology must be detailed replicable and adhere to

  • How to Write a Letter of Recommendation With Template and

    Jan 27 2020  Related 15 Tips for Writing a Great Letter of Recommendation. How to ask for a recommendation letter. At some point you may need to ask someone to write a recommendation letter for you. Consider asking former managers colleagues teachers mentors clients or vendors for a letter of recommendation. They should also be someone you’ve had a

  • How to teach advice recommendations and suggestions

    Nov 13 2019  The difference between advice and recommendations is difficult to define in a few words. Generally a recommendation is something that comes from your own experience and or specialist knowledge seen in the use of the heading

  • How to Ask For a Letter of Recommendation Complete Guide

    Don t make your teacher feel like a hamster racing on the wheel of time. When Should You Ask for a Letter of Recommendation The first step in requesting a letter of recommendation involves timing.Even for seasoned teachers and counselors each individual letter takes time and

  • Make Recommendations Suggestions Conditionals and

    Aug 17 2020  Learn conditionals and modal verbs to make suggestions in English. Learn English vocabulary idioms phrases and expressions to give recommendations and mak