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  • Cancer Research CanRes Instructions for Authors

    Dec 04 2013  Cancer Research is the most frequently cited cancer journal in the world. The journal publishes original studies reviews and opinion pieces offering significance and broad impact to a diverse audience spanning basic preclinical clinical prevention and epidemiologic research. Cancer Research seeks manuscripts that offer pathobiological and

  • VA research on Cancer

    VA research on . CANCER. Cancer is a general term that includes more than 200 different diseases. In all forms of cancer cells in . the body grow and multiply abnormally eventually taking over and destroying normal tissue. Continued on back Photo ©iStock/Karl Dolenc. VWDUV GLVN

  • Telling Others About Your Cancer

    The diagnosis of cancer can be overwhelming not only for you but also for your friends and relatives. Here we offer some suggestions to help you your friends and family talk to each other about cancer so that you can feel more at ease when facing it together.


    The good news is you don’t have to do it alonewith over 50 journals including The Lancet Oncology Cancer Cell European Journal of Cancer and Cancer Letters Elsevier’s Oncology Journal Network has the right fit for your paper. Best of all our titles offer a transparent and supportive publication process that puts you and your

  • Laboratory of Pathology Center for Cancer Research

    Aug 25 2020  The National Cancer Institute hosted a Facebook Live on February 14 at 3 p.m. ET. The event featured NCI subject matter experts Kenneth Aldape M.D. of the Center for Cancer Research Megan Frone M.S. C.G.C. of the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics and Lyndsay Harris M.D. of the Cancer Diagnosis Program.

  • Artificial Sweeteners and CancerNational Cancer Institute

    Artificial sweeteners are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA . The FDA like the National Cancer Institute NCI is an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services. The FDA regulates food drugs medical devices cosmetics biologics tobacco products and radiation emitting products.

  • Scholars CentralJournal of Clinical Oncology and Cancer

    Journal of Clinical Oncology and Cancer ResearchOpen Access uses Online Manuscript Submission review and tracking systems for quality and quick review process. Reviewers can download manuscripts and submit their Reviews/Rebuttal form to the Editor and Publisher. Editors and Publisher will accomplish the peer review process.

  • Manuscript Transfer FAQ American Association for Cancer

    Can you show me an example An author submits a research article manuscript to Cancer Discovery and the manuscript is declined for publication after undergoing peer review.The corresponding author clicks the link in the decision letter to access the manuscript transfer service page chooses Clinical Cancer Research as the recipient journal and uploads a rebuttal letter that outlines how the

  • Instructions for Authors JAMA Network Open JAMA Network

    Research Letter. Research Letters are concise focused reports of original research. These should not exceed 600 words of text and 6 references and may include up to 2 tables or figures. Online supplementary material is only allowed for brief additional and absolutely necessary methods but not for any additional results or discussion.

  • Home Cancer Research

    Jul 15 2021  Cancer Research Print ISSN Journal of Cancer Research ISSN American Journal of Cancer ISSN . Advertisement

  • RFA CA Research to Reduce Morbidity and Improve

    Mar 16 2020  Given the increasing number of survivors after cancer diagnosis at young ages 0 39 years of age and the substantial adverse outcomes associated with cancer and its treatment the US Congress recognizing a need for pediatric and/or AYA survivorship research passed the Childhood Cancer Survivorship Treatment Access and Research STAR Act

  • Categories of Articles Cancer Research

    Research Articles. Original studies offering broad impact across the fields of basic preclinical clinical prevention and epidemiologic cancer research. The reports should be well documented novel and significant to the field as a whole. 250 word abstract.

  • 16th Annual Accelerating Anticancer Agent Development and

    May 09 2019  The four draft guidances were developed with the input from the American Society of Clinical Oncology and Friends of Cancer Research. Also in

  • Understanding FDA Regulatory Requirements for

    Clinical investigators initiating a drug study invoke a number of specific regulatory requirements beyond those mandated for protection of human subjects in clinical trials. 1 These regulatory requirements for drug studies address the safety and efficacy issues unique to the use of pharmaceuticals in the clinical research setting. The US Food and Drug Administration FDA is charged with the

  • Research Fellowships GrantsCancer Research Institute

    Cancer scientists at nonprofit research or clinical institutions can apply for fellowships grants and awards. CRI has supported many initiatives from basic laboratory studies to clinical trials testing novel immunotherapies. Proposed research must be immunology based preferably with potential for direct application to cancer treatment.

  • Submitting an IND What You Need to Know

    Oct 15 2009  IND Submission Clinical Hold Your response to the clinical hold letter Should be complete i.e. address all the deficiencies identified in the letter If complete you will receive an acknowledgement letterIf not complete RPM will notify you

  • Cancer Epidemiology Journal ScienceDirect by Elsevier

    Cancer Epidemiology publishes original research prioritizing studies that contribute new information about cancer causes prevention and control. As such the journal s scope covers all aspects of cancer epidemiology including studies of Risk factors for cancer initiation development and prognosis. Early detection prevention and

  • Journal Rankings on Cancer Research

    International Scientific Journal Country Ranking. Only Open Access Journals Only SciELO Journals Only WoS Journals

  • The Best of the AACR Journals Author Profiles American

    The Best of the AACR Journals Collection Author Profiles. The Best of the AACR Journals collection highlights the most cited articles published in 2019 and 2020 across the AACR journals. Congratulations to the authors of these outstanding articles for their tireless efforts and contributions to the cancer research

  • HomeThe Cancer Letter

    Jul 23 2021  Institutions will be required to report sexual misconduct to NIH if House committee bill becomes law Conversation with The Cancer LetterFreeHealth EquityTo combat health disparities in communities of color City of Hope recruits its most diverse class for leadership training in 2021 Cancer History ProjectConversation with The Cancer LetterFreeBob Young tells us about the evolution

  • Contributing to Cancer ResearchNational Cancer Institute

    Congress enacted the Stamp Out Breast Cancer Act of 1997 which required the US Postal Service to issue a special stamp related to breast cancer priced at a higher rate than the standard first class postage for mailing a letter.Seventy percent of the net proceeds from the Breast Cancer Research Stamp surcharge go to the National Institutes of Health for breast cancer research and 30 to the

  • Investigational In Vitro Diagnostics in Oncology Trials

    information in a cover letter if the sponsor intends to submit a cover letter with the IND and indicate which section s of the electronic common technical document contains relevant information.

  • Curcumin and cancer an old age disease with an age old

    Cancer is primarily a disease of old age and that life style plays a major role in the development of most cancers is now well recognized. While plant based formulations have been used to treat cancer for centuries current treatments usually involve poisonous mustard gas chemotherapy radiation and targeted therapies.

  • Mini ReviewsCancer LettersJournalElsevier

    Jan 02 2019  Cancer Letters. Mini Reviews. ISSN . Cancer Letters. Submit your Paper View Articles. Guide for authors. Track your paper. Check submitted paper. Track accepted paper.

  • Protocol Review and Monitoring System

    All cancer related protocols regardless of type of protocol industry cooperative group observational chart review etc. are required to be reviewed by the Protocol Review and Monitoring System. Subject enrollment cannot begin until PRMS IRB and other institutional approvals are in place. Note that the submission must include a protocol

  • Multi targeted prevention of cancer by sulforaphane

    Isothiocyanates are found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli Brussels sprouts cauliflower and cabbage. Epidemiologic studies suggest that cruciferous vegetable intake may lower overall cancer risk including colon and prostate cancer. Sulforaphane SFN is an isothiocyanate found in cruci

  • National Cancer Moonshot InitiativeAmerican Association

    Jan 08 2016  Even before the announcement of the National Cancer Moonshot Initiative the AACR provided thought leadership to the White House on the current state of cancer research on ways to make more therapies available to more patients and on the importance of cancer prevention and detection. Since the launch of Vice President Joe Biden’s national commitment

  • Journal of the Egyptian National Cancer Institute Home

    Jul 02 2021  As the official publication of the National Cancer Institute Cairo University the Journal of the Egyptian National Cancer Institute JENCI is an open access peer reviewed journal that publishes on the latest innovations in oncology and thereby providing academics and clinicians a leading research platform. JENCI welcomes submissions pertaining to all fields of basic applied and clinical

  • Find a Cancer Type

    Find a Cancer Type. Choose a cancer type from the list below to get detailed information. If you don t see your type listed it might be covered under a different name. Use the search icon in the menu at the top of the page or contact us for help on live chat or by calling . A.

  • Clinical Trials Coverage and Billing GuideJE Part A

    Clinical Trial Policy CTP A National Coverage Determination NCD that allows payment of routine items/services and payment of the investigational item/service if it is normally covered outside of the trial and meets medical necessity requirements in clinical trials that qualify for coverage. See the CMS Routine Costs in Clinical Trials

  • About Clinical Cancer Research Clinical Cancer Research

    Manuscript Submission. Clinical Cancer Research welcomes submissions of primary research review and commentary article types as well as letters to the editor. . For descriptions and length requirements of the article types available to submitting authors see the journal’s Categories of Articles.

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific opens submissions for the

    Jun 18 2021  Letter to the editor by Donald L. Skip Trump MD and Eric T. Rosenthal coauthors of Centers of the Cancer Universe A Half Century of Progress Against Cancer July 23 2021 Vol.47 No.29

  • Clinical Cases articles The New England Journal of Medicine

    Jul 08 2021  When relapse of the cancer occurred additional management decisions were made. Case Records of the Massachusetts General Hospital Mar 11 2021 Case 7 2021 A 19 Year Old Man with Shock Multiple

  • Cancer Research and Treatment

    Cancer Research and Treatment Cancer Res Treat is a peer reviewed publication of the Korean Cancer Association Korean Society of Medical Oncology and Korean Association for Lung Cancer.Cancer Research and Treatment is published quarterly on the 15 th January April July and October. Cancer Research and Treatment accepts manuscripts for submission under a broad scope

  • Two Cancer Research Organizations Submit Recommendations

    Aug 09 2018  ASCO and Friends of Cancer Research have submitted to the Food and Drug Administration recommended language for five guidance documents on ways to broaden eligibility criteria for cancer clinical trials by addressing five specific areas minimum age requirements for trial enrollment HIV/AIDS status brain metastases organ dysfunction and prior and concurrent malignancies.

  • Protocol Development CTEP

    May 09 2018  In an accompanying letter the mentor should confirm the feasibility of the proposed trial within the institutional setting and indicate a commitment to enabling the PI to conduct clinical trial successfully. Before submitting a Career Development LOI contact the IDB Medical Officer s for the intended CTEP agent s to schedule a preliminary