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  • Extensional Viscosity Technical NoteRheoSense

    Viscoelastic fluids often exhibit extensional thickening beyond the Trouton ratio. Because of this it may be necessary to model and predict the behavior of these materials accurately analyze their composition and predict optimal processing conditions for each characterized fluid. An extensional viscometer/rheometer on a chip is the best

  • Extensional rheometry of polymeric fluids and the uniaxial

    Plenary Paper Presented at 15th Annual Meeting of the International Polymer Processing Society June 1999 1 Extensional rheometry of polymeric fluids and the uniaxial elongation of viscoelastic filaments G. H. McKinley S. L. Anna A. Tripathi Minwu Yao2 Department of Mechanical Engineering M.I.T. Cambridge MA 02139 USA

  • Anisotropic particles align perpendicular to the flow

    The flow orientation of anisotropic particles through narrow channels is of importance in many fields ranging from the spinning and molding of fibers to the flow of cells and proteins through thin capillaries. It is commonly assumed that anisotropic particles align parallel to the flow direction. When flowing through narrowed channel sections one expects the increased flow rate to improve

  • Late Miocene Extensional Collapse of Northern Tunisia

    This line runs in a NNW‐SSE direction perpendicular to the plate convergence and also to the SE‐transport extensional system. The synrift basins developed during the Late Miocene have been later inverted producing further folding of the hanging‐wall rollovers and Plio‐Quaternary synclines that have sealed the main extensional faults.

  • Extensional and shear rheology of okra polysaccharides in

    Extensional viscosity dominates the overall behavior of okra mucilage–saliva mixtures. Maximum extensional viscosity values increase from about 5 Pa s

  • Defect Inspection Method and Defect Inspection Device

    The defect inspection device is further characterized in that the control device controls the movement stage such that a portion of a linear part included in an image of the sample or a location on an extensional line of the linear part is positioned at a specific location in an irradiated region of the electron beam and repeats the control

  • Correlation between in line measurements of tomato

    In line data were compared to those obtained off line using a rotational viscometer. There was a poor correlation with the Bostwick measurement whereas the flow curves calculated from flow velocimetry data were very similar to those measured off line. The extensional viscosity of ketchup was determined through the measurement of Hyperbolic

  • On the extensional eigenvalues of graphsScienceDirect

    Assume that G is a graph on n vertices with associated symmetric matrix M and K a positive definite symmetric matrix of order n.If there exists 0 ≠ x ∈ R n such that M x = λ K x then λ is called an extensional eigenvalue of G with respect to K.This concept generalizes some classic graph eigenvalue problems of certain matrices such as the adjacency matrix the Laplacian matrix the

  • Effects of shear and extensional rheology on liquid

    In the first stage the contact radius decreases and contact line motion is primarily governed by shear rheology. In the second stage a thin liquid thread is formed and the contact radius changes only weakly. During the second stage extensional rheology dominates and strain hardening stabilizes the thin thread.


    Smaller scale extensional settings include gravitational collapse of thickened crusts and continental margins and local extension due to magmatic and salt domes. Tip line The termination line of a fault is a tip line where the fault displacement has decreased to be

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    The angle between the virtually extensional line of the most lateral bulge edge and the dorsally extensional line of the femoral head is about 127 the fourth trochanter is well developed and mound shaped in lateral view the fourth trochanter is located more proximally above the midpoint of the femur shaft and close to the inner side the

  • Geometry and Kinematics of Bivergent Extension in the

    Aegean tectonic map and cross section with major extensional detachment systems simplified cross section shows basin and horst structure of Aegean which at Aegean wide scale appears rather symmetric with asymmetric Cyclades horst outcrop of Cycladic basement red and exposed migmatite dashed red line in central Cyclades also shown.

  • Shear and extensional properties of short glass fiber

    This on‐line slit rheometer installed on an injection molding press has been designed to measure the steady shear viscosity the first normal stress difference and the apparent extensional viscosity of polymer melts and composites for high strain rates up to 10 5 s −1 in shear and 200 s −1 in extension. Our results show that the steady

  • Elongational and shear flow in polymer clay nanocomposites

    With the use of on line extensional rheometry and off line rotational rheometry different nanocomposites have been tested and the effect of processing conditions screw speed and geometry in the twin screw extruder on elongational and viscoelastic properties has been investigated. It has been found that the level of melt strength measured by

  • Rift Basin Architecture Evolution

    The yellow dashed line shows the outer limit of hanging wall subsidence and marks the edge of the basin. Displacement is a maximum at the center of the fault only the right half of the fault is shown and decreases toward the fault tip. 1990 Quantitative filling model for continental extensional basins with applications to early Mesozoic

  • Inducing protein aggregation by extensional flow PNAS

    Energy distribution in different regions of the extensional flow device. A Average energy dissipated within the extensional region red line or within the shear region black line per pass for a protein with a diameter of 3.5 nm as a function of plunger velocity.

  • Figure 68 Schematic diagram from SRK 2000 illustrating

    The 01GASNY1 seismic line is a high quality dataset that was reprocessed by Dr. Leonie Jones at Geoscience Australia. The result was the resolution of macro scale extensional shear zones S C C’ relationships that can be traced from 5 6 km depth to the surface Fig. 70 . Figure 69 Location of the 01AGSNY1 seismic

  • PDF Elongational and shear flow in polymer clay

    Elongational and shear flow in polymer clay nanocomposites measured by on line extensional and off line shear rheometry. Rheologica Acta 2011. Stephan Laske.

  • Sedimentary models for extensional tilt block/half graben

    seismic section and line drawing across the Fallon basin by Anderson et al. 1983 fig. 5 displays such on lap developed during pro gressive extension. In a linked series of .tilt blocks the fulcrum divides areas undergoing positive motion due to footwall uplift from

  • Extensional and shear rheology of okra polysaccharides in

    This is in line with the recent finding that okra polysacchrides exist in hexameric self assembled forms in aqueous solutions. 21 Their rheology is dominated by extensional viscosity with the Trouton ratio values are in the order of tens to hundreds at pH 4 and pH 7. 22

  • On line extensional characterization by Nicola Donato

    Creation of a Test Procedure Signal processing and GUI implementation Questions Step up Improvements First run off line and adjustments Data Analysis On line Extensional Characterization to Polymer Extrusion and Compounding Development of Extensional probing Device Assessment

  • Deformation of leukaemia cell lines in hyperbolic

    Herein we investigate the effects of shear and extensional flow components on fluid induced cell deformation by means of three microchannel geometries. In the case of hyperbolic microchannels cell deformation takes place in a flow with constant extensional rate under non zero shear conditions.

  • Extensional flow based assessment of red blood cell

    The deformability of the red blood cell RBC is known to be closely related to microcirculation and diagnosis of specific diseases such as malaria arterial sclerosis sepsis and so on. From the viewpoint of the flow type conventional methods to measure the cell deformability have exploited simple shear or complex flow field with little focus on extensional flow field.

  • PDF Simultaneous determination of shear and extensional

    Extensional viscosity flow rates determined for a range of extruder speeds 5 to 20 rpm . Pressures ranged from 60 to 75 bar and temper atures from 86 to 116 C. Mean flow velocity in the Introduction capillaries was between 5 10−3 and 5 10−1 m s−1.

  • Compressional metamorphic core complexes low angle

    Extensional fabrics commonly associated with all these core complexes result from reverse flow along an orogenic channel channel flow following peak metamorphism beneath a passive roof stretching fault. In Naxos low angle normal faults associated with regional Aegean extension cut earlier formed compressional folds and metamorphic fabrics

  • Extensional Petri NetSJTU

    Extensional Petri Net Xiaoju Dong 1 Yuxi Fu and Daniele Varacca2 1BASICS Department of Computer Science Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai China There is a research line that combines the Petri net theory and the process algebraic theory aiming at a uni ed framework of both.

  • Extensional tectonics of the Outer Hebrides Fault Zone

    Extensional tectonics of the Outer Hebrides Fault Zone South Uist northwest ScotlandVolume 138 Issue 3. Skip to main content Accessibility help We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites.

  • Extensional Viscosity Application NoteRheoSense

    e VROC Viscometer Extensional Viscosity. In enhanced oil recovery processes the extensional properties of the viscoelastic fluids frequently exhibit strong extensional thickening well beyond the Trouton ratio for Newtonian fluids. In order to predict the process conditions that will optimize fluid flow or characterize the final product

  • Deformation of leukaemia cell lines in hyperbolic

    The mechanical properties of cells are of enormous interest in a diverse range of physio and pathological situations of clinical relevance. Unsurprisingly a variety of microfluidic platforms have been developed in recent years to study the deformability of cells most commonly employing pure shear or extensional flows with and without direct contact of the cells with channel walls.

  • Measurement of extensional properties during free jet

    Abstract This paper reports an experimental method for extracting the extensional properties of viscoelastic liquids during atomization. As a first approach low velocity free jets are considered. Such jets of viscoelastic liquids break with the formation of a beads on a string pattern composed of quasi spherical beads and quasi cylindrical ligaments. The liquid extensional properties i.e

  • Extensional Flowan overview ScienceDirect Topics

    By examining the time to breakup of a continuously extended filament of saliva they enable the extensional viscosity to be tracked across the month. The extensional viscosity will gradually drop leading up to ovulation before jumping back to the normal baseline after ovulation so a woman can easily determine when she is at her most fertile.

  • Extensional channel flow revisited a dynamical systems

    Around the symmetry line at α=5π/4 both period doubling cascades overlap partially as shown in figure 9b. Phase portraits illustrating the period doubling cascade PD at R=125 are shown in figure 10g–l. On the symmetry line α=5π/4 both strange attractors coexist as shown in figure 10k in fact the two strange attractors are K y symmetric.

  • Shear and extensional properties of short glass fiber

    Shear and extensional properties of a commercial short glass fiber reinforced polypropylene were carefully in vestigated using commercial rheometers and a novel on line rheometer. This on line slit rheometer installed on an injection molding press has been designed to measure the steady shear viscosity the first normal

  • Extensional tectonicsWikiMili The Best Wikipedia Reader

    The Niger Delta Basin is an extensional basin surrounded by many other basins in the area that all formed from similar processes. The Niger Delta Basin lies in the south westernmost part of a larger tectonic structure the Benue Trough. The other side of the basin is bounded by the Cameroon Volcanic Line and the transform passive continental

  • Extensional tectonics and two stage crustal accretion at

    a Model transform system viewed along the transform showing the surface plate boundary black line the base of the brittle deformation zone where stresses are on the brittle yield stress as

  • Measurement of extensional properties during free jet

    The extensional properties can be measured using an extensional rheometer based on the self thinning of a liquid filament stretched between two coaxial plates as described in Stelter et al. and McKinley . This Capillary Breakup Extensional Rheometer CaBER consists in analyzing the temporal evolution of the diameter measured at the center of the filament.